Calisthenics Park in Barcelona, Spain

Introduction to calisthenics parks in Caliverse

For at least a year we have thought of having a library of calisthenics parks in Caliverse. Users could find parks nearby, filter by available equipment in park and meet up with friends. That would bring Caliverse closer to be an all-in-one spot for everything related to calisthenics.

But in order for this to work properly we need to have a huge database of parks all around the world. This was setting us back a bit – how to introduce it to users, how to motivate them to add parks and how to make this all fun.

Now when Caliverse has grown and we have thousands of active users from almost all countries in the world we think that we might be at the point where this can actually work.

Submitting park

Submit calisthenics park in Caliverse

Submit calisthenics park in Caliverse

When you have updated Caliverse to the latest version and open it you will see a new button has appeared that says “Submit Calisthenics Park”. Click on it, grant permission to Caliverse to use your location while using the app and start filling in the required info (it takes less than 5 minutes). Note that Caliverse uses your location only when you are submitting a new park. It is not used any time in the background or in any other place in app.

Read the rules and general information about submitting calisthenics park to Caliverse before continuing and once you have done that go ahead and proceed.

Next step would be to name a park and optionally enter a description. Both name and description should be written in English.

If you are currently in a park and have shared your location the marker placed on the map should be exactly where you are. If it isn’t you can easily browse the map and find correct location – marker will follow.

Pick a few good quality images of a park you are submitting for everyone to be able to see the park before going there. Maximum number of photos is 6.

And last but not least is to select park extras. Extras are split into two groups – surface and available equipment. Choose one surface option from given and then continue with available equipment. You need to pick at least one type of equipment available in a park that you are submitting but we are hoping that you will pick all available as that will be used later when filtering workouts that can be done in a park.

Reward for submitting a park

Once you submit a park it goes for a review. We check if all data is filled in and has good quality. If all is good we approve the park, otherwise – reject.

You will be notified via email if your submitted park is rejected. In this case you can review park you have submitted and start the process again by filling in improved information and photos.

But if you have submitted a good quality park and we approve it we give you one week of free Caliverse PRO. You will be able to use it whenever you want from your subscription settings when you won’t have an active subscription.

Free premium will be given for each park you submit. 4 parks per month every month and you got permanent Caliverse PRO without spending a penny.

Approved calisthenics park in Göteborg, Sweden

Approved calisthenics park in Göteborg, Sweden

What’s next?

At the moment you can browse all submitted parks in a simple list in Caliverse website but there are many ideas on how we will be able to make your everyday life easier with having nearby parks in our system. For example, you may want to participate in Caliverse challenge but don’t have the equipment at home and nearby park doesn’t have everything you need to join the challenge? No problem, we will find a park for you that can be in a driving distance and has it all or we will suggest you a different challenge based on parks nearby you. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Sky is the limit here.

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