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Whether you live in a place where there is a summer all year long or it is the time of the year when it gets rainy and cold – there might be a time when you simply don’t want to go outdoors to do a workout. We all have been there when you are too exhausted to go somewhere but might be ok with doing a workout at home.

But what to do when you have no equipment at home? A little bit of imagination and thinking out of the box and there are actually ways of doing a full body workout at home without any equipment and using just the things you can find there.

This article is for us to share some of our discoveries to you.

Table Top Australian Row

Pull exercises are one of the most difficult to do at home without any equipment. But you are not left out of options! Our first suggestion – Table Top Australian Row.

And yep, the exercise is exactly how we have named it – Australian Row while being under the dining table and holding to the table top while performing it. Might sound a bit weird at first and will not be super comfy when doing the exercise but it does the trick – probably the best pull exercise you can do at home without any equipment.

Random Object Bent Over Row

Our second suggestion is an exercise that is mostly performed in gyms but either dumbbells or barbell – bent over row. But in our case, we substitute equipment only found in gyms with something that we have at home. It could be anything from a bag filled with rocks to heavy books or simply a large bottle filled with water.

We will not dive into the technique on how to do the bent over row – you can easily find really good videos in YouTube – but we wanted to give you some ideas on how to perform it at home.

By the way, a gym bag filled with rocks is our favourite – you can have a good grip with both hands there, easily alter the weight used and of course – keep your bag clean in case you are using it for other than lifting rocks.

Bed Sheet Australian Row

One of our best recent discoveries on how to utilise your home to do a full body workout is using something as simple as bed sheet. The idea is simple – tie a knot on one of end of the bed sheet, put it over the door and close the door. That’s it – you now have a good enough equipment to do Australian Rows at home.

You can even make it easier or more difficult by grabbing your bed sheet closer or further away from the door.

The only suggestion we have is for you to be at the side of the door to which it was closed – so it suddenly doesn’t open when you are lifting back to do the exercise. Other than that – you should be fine.

Bed Sheet Dragon Leg Raise

Our last suggestion is similar to the previous one but it will be more focused on core exercises and training skills like dragon flag.

Put the same bed sheet you already have with a knot on one side beneath the door and close it. Now you have an assistant when training dragon flags! And of course – a tip from our side. If you tie a knot in the middle of the bed sheet, you will be able to hold it with your both arms allowing you to change how wide are you holding them making it easier to perform the exercise in some cases.


We only mentioned a few cool exercises that are not commonly known and written about but there is much more you can do at home without any equipment to focus on each of your muscle groups.

No need to spend money on gym membership and using a little bit of imagination – no need to spend money on home equipment as well. At one point it might be useful to invest in resistance bands or a pull up bar but it is definitely not required to get started with calisthenics at home.

And of course, give Caliverse a try to find the best possible training plans regardless of whether you have equipment at home or not.

Just getting started? Read our article about the first steps into calisthenics.


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