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We all have seen athletes that are training with gymnastic rings. Usually the first thought is that it is something only professional athletes are doing. But not really! Everyone can do ring workouts due to rings being super-flexible in terms of changing the difficulty of an exercise. Gymnastic rings looks very basic but it is completely the opposite – one of the most comprehensive piece of equipment in bodyweight training that can give your workouts a whole new level. So let’s dig into some of the benefits.

1. Stabilisation

When first using gymnastic rings you will notice that they are wobbly and unstable and your body is working real hard to stabilise them when performing an exercise. It means that besides muscle groups that the particular exercises targets there are many deeper muscles working. You activate more of your stabilisers and develop movement quality.

2. Versatility

If you ever need to choose what piece of equipment to buy – this is it. Gymnastic rings can be attached pretty much anywhere. If you cannot attach them at home, take them outside and hang them on a pull up bar, steel beam or just a tree branch.

3. Customization

Gymnastic rings opens up a new dimension of customization to your workouts. You can adjust the height of them changing difficulty of exercise – if you cannot do a ring push up, shorten the straps and your hands are more elevated now thus making the exercise easier.

Another way of customization is to adjust the space between rings making it wider or more narrow to put more focus on different muscle groups.

4. Mobility

Mobility is a term used frequently by physiotherapists and refers to how well we are able to move our bodies freely through their full range of motion. Most ring exercises are compound movements involving multiple joints and muscle groups. They are challenging you to maintain control while under tension and move through a range of motion. Take a look at skin the cat exercise that works on shoulder mobility.

5. Playfullness

What can motivate us better to workout than having fun while doing that? Gymnastic rings training can be really creative and challenging. We are doing the same exercises what we did when we were kids and playing in the park. And even more – due to the ability of being super-customizable you can even make new exercises.

6. Safer for your joints

One big benefit of gymnastic rings training is that they are easier on your joints than training on pull up bars and dip stations.

Unlike conventional pull up bar or dip station, rings are not fixed in place. While it mights be easier for beginners, your joints have to follow and adapt to the position of the bar rather the equipment adapting to your movement. By being able to move them freely when doing exercise you’ll be able to adapt to more natural positions.

7. Super strength building

Rings by Caliverse training plan

Rings by Caliverse training plan

When you see a typical ring gymnast, you definitely think of “wow” and “they are so strong and muscular”. Movements are more demanding on rings due to the facts that you are above the ground and they require stabilisation and control under tension, therefore increasing your strength. If you do regular ring workouts, sleep well and eat well, it is guaranteed that you will get stronger and have muscle gains.

You will not be efficient in ring workouts overnight. It will take a lot of time and practice until you will feel good on rings. But since you can train stability, control, mobility and strength while keeping fun, you should consider giving them a try.

Caliverse mobile app has a training plan dedicated to gymnastic rings and Equip by Caliverse offers you to purchase highest quality eco-friendly wooden gymnastic rings made with proudness in Latvia.

If you are still searching on how to get started with calisthenics – read our article!

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  1. 就爱要 June 14, 2022 at 02:37

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

  2. michael battle June 23, 2022 at 18:27

    What is missing from this review is the cardio component of ring training. Imaging “cheating” on pull-ups/triceps dips, i.e. using your legs to aid in the exercise. Because you are involving the entire body to complete the movement it is extremely easy on the joints, heart rate accelerates due to the upper/lower body involvement, and you can perform MANY more reps per session. It is an ass kicker of a workout. I have three sets of rings set up, ankle level. hip level and just above the head, therefore I can move rapidly from one station to the next without adjusting the rings. This can be done with just two sets of rings also. One can still focus on the strength component of an exercise, but also add a very challenging cardio routine. Thanks–Mike

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